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UNI 1404 - Synchron Controller - CONTROL TECHNIQUES



This reference CONTROL TECHNIQUES speed controller UNI 1404 is a drive for asynchronous and synchronous motor.

Inverter 2.2 kW, 5.6 A, 380-480V

This UNI 1404 speed controller is at your disposal to replace defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

Speed controller reconditioned and tested in full load (test of duration) on CONTROL TECHNIQUES motor.

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The Unidrive is an advanced AC drive for use with AC brushless permanent magnet servo motors. The Unidrive’s set up can be easily and quickly changed from the on-board keypad, a remote keypad, or through UniSoft, a WindowsTM based configuration software tool.

There are five physical sizes comprising 26 different models ranging from 1NM to 2500 NM*. The drive is designed for stand alone as well as coordinated systems applications. There are hundreds of configurable functions in 20 logically organised menus. All functions are factory defaulted to typical values to facilitate easy set-up.

The Unidrive’s most commonly used parameters are stored in Menu 0. This menu is defaulted with those parameters which are typically accessed, but the user may map any of the drive’s other parameters to this menu for easier access. This approach means easy access for those parameters the user selects.

In addition Unidrive has many other of embedded configurable functions which are easily adapted for virtually any application. Some of these configurable functions include items such as assignable I/O, autotune, encoder feedback, frequency and direction pulse signal input and output, axis limit control, ratio control, electronic holding brake, S-ramps, position control and many others.

Many of these important product features would not be possible without the use of advanced technology in the Unidrive. The drive employs advanced microprocessor technology which controls all drive functions including input to the inverter ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) which synthesises an adjustable carrier frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output. The ASIC output controls the IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter section. All printed circuit boards are manufactured using surface mount technology.

The Regeneration mode is used for four-quadrant operation. A Drive can be operated in Regeneration mode only when it is connected to other Drive(s) operating in one of the other (motoring) modes.
Regeneration mode allows the following:
● AC supply to be fed from the Regeneration Drive to the Drive(s) that are controlling the motor
● Regenerated power to be returned to the AC supply by the Regeneration Drive instead of being dissipated in braking resistors.

Height 33.5 cm / 13.18 in
Width 9.5 cm / 3.74 in
Length 20 cm / 7,8 cm
Weight 4 kg / 8,8 lbs
Power 2.2 kW
Reference UNI 1404

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Control Techniques is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC speed variation, servo motors and power conversion technologies for commercial and industrial applications. Their innovative products are used in the most demanding applications, requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

Nidec Control Techniques has been at the forefront of industrial-driven drive technology for more than 40 years. They are dedicated to the advancement of automation. From product development to their headquarters to their 45 automation centers around the world, Nidec Control Techniques provides industry-relevant solutions. They guarantee high performance, reliability and energy efficiency in all applications.


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