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List of products by brand RELIANCE ELECTRIC

RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO., one of the leading manufacturers of electrical products for industry. Reliance Electric Company is a manufacturer of large mechanical couplers and electric motors and drives used in heavy industries, from steel and paper mills to coal mines.


RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO.,a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical products, was founded in 1905 by Cleveland industrialist Peter M. Hitchcock and his cousin, inventor John C. Lincoln. Originally founded as the Lincoln Electric Manufacturing Co., with offices in the CAXTON BUILDING, the company was incorporated in 1907 as the Lincoln Motor Works Co. to produce variable speed motors designed by John Lincoln . When Peter Hitchcock died in 1906, Lincoln sold his interest in the business to Peter's sons, Charles and Reuben.


57C494 - Power supply - RELIANCE ELECTRIC

This power supply from RELIANCE ELECTRIC and reference 57C494 belongs to the AUTOMAX range. Input: 100/120VAC, 3.6A/3.0A; Output: 5V, +15V, -15V, +12V, -12V This RELIANCE ELECTRIC power supply is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and have a guarantee adapted to your needs.