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KOLLMORGEN offers various electronic motor drives with advanced control technology, multiple fieldbus connectivity options, and control interfaces.


Hints for substitution of old transistor inverters with the actual servo amplifiers (Sxyz). Considered are obsolete products of the manufacturer SEIDEL (Seidel Servo Drives, Kollmorgen Seidel) called (60WKS, 64WKS, 65WKS, 66WKS, 67WKS, DIGIFAS).

All obsolete devices of SEIDEL can be substituted by S300/S400/S600/S700 amplifiers.
Mixed systems with obsolete and new devices should be avoided. DC bus coupling of obsolete and new devices is not possible!
Less space requirement, simple cabling by pre-configurated power and feedback cables, higher precision of positioning and better performance are good reasons for substitution.
Simple handling with Setup Software (for Windows Operating System) or via a standard RS232 terminal program.
Some WKS applications used the internal ± 15V voltage for supplying the inputs (Enable, limit switches etc.). This can be done now with 24V.
If the internal ± 15V voltage has been used for analog setpoint, now an external voltage converter 24V => ±12V / ±15V must be used now.

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