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How does your delivery service work ?

Since we know the usual needs of our industrial partners, we always make sure to provide the most suitable solution for each situation, as quickly as possible.

Since 2015 Standard Exchange Industry has shipped thousands of electronic systems of all brands to more than 120 countries. As a result, we have built and solidified a quality network and specific knowledge in import and export.

Also, we take care of filling out the customs administrative documents when needed (EUR1, certificate of conformity, certificate of origin, etc.). This service is directly included in all our procedures. The ordering process remains fluid and without any nasty surprises.

Having worked with many carriers, we know how to select the appropriate carrier, respecting your "Standard" or "Express" delivery conditions.


Unless otherwise indicated on the product page (delivery or pre-order), shipping takes place in 24 to 72 hours maximum after order picking for France. The carrier used for your order is selected according to its weight, size and destination. Whatever the shipping formula you have chosen, you will be informed as soon as possible with a link and your tracking number which allows you to track online delivery of your package.

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and postage. They may contain a fixed and/or a variable part based on price and/or weight of your order. We advise you to group your items in a single order.


Packages containing brittle products are the subject of a specific package.

And many others…

5 steps from order to delivery  :

  1. Select the system of your choice and validate your basket
  2. Fill in the address and chosen delivery method : "Express" or "Standard"
  3. Proceed to payment and we select the appropriate carrier according to your needs
  4. Receive by e-mail a shipping confirmation including a link and your tracking number.
  5. Track your package in real-time until delivery

Delivery delay

In order to get more information about delivery times¹, please select your delivery area² from the table below.

Germany48 - 72h24h
Andorra48 - 72h24h
Austria48 - 72h24h
Belgium48 - 72h24h
Belarus48 - 72h24h
Bosnia and herzegovina48 - 72h24h
Bulgaria48 - 72h24h
Croatia48 - 72h24h
Denmark48 - 72h24h
Spain48 - 72h24h
Estonia48 - 72h24h
Faroe Islands48 - 72h24h
Finland48 - 72h24h
France48 - 72h24h
Greece48 - 72h24h
Hungary48 - 72h24h
Ireland48 - 72h24h
Iceland48 - 72h24h
Italy3 - 5 days1 day
Latvia48 - 72h24h
Liechtenstein48 - 72h24h
Lithuania48 - 72h24h
Luxembourg48 - 72h24h
Macedonia48 - 72h24h
Malta48 - 72h24h
Moldova48 - 72h24h
Monaco2 days1 day
Montenegro48 - 72h24h
Norway3 days1 day
Netherlands48 - 72h24h
Poland48 - 72h24h
Portugal48 - 72h24h
Czech Republic48 - 72h24h
Romania48 - 72h24h
United Kingdom48 - 72h24h
San Marino48 - 72h24h
Serbia4 - 5 days2 - 3 days
Slovakia48 - 72h24h
Slovenia48 - 72h24h
Sweden48 - 72h24h
Swiss48 - 72h24h
Ukraine4 - 5 days2 - 3 days
South America
Bolivia48 - 72h24h
Brazil48 - 72h24h
Colombia48 - 72h24h
Ecuador48 - 72h24h
Guyana48 - 72h24h
French Guiana48 - 72h24h
Paraguay48 - 72h24h
Peru48 - 72h24h
Trinidad and Tobago48 - 72h24h
Uruguay48 - 72h24h
Venezuela48 - 72h24h
Argentina10 days2 days
Chile6 days4 days
Fiji48 - 72h24h
Guam48 - 72h24h
New Caledonia48 - 72h24h
New Zealand48 - 72h24h
Papua New Guinea48 - 72h24h
French Polynesia48 - 72h24h
Vanuatu48 - 72h24h
Australia6 days4 days
South Africa48 - 72h24h
Algeria48 - 72h24h
Botswana48 - 72h24h
Cameroon48 - 72h24h
Rep. of the Congo48 - 72h24h
Djibouti48 - 72h24h
Ethiopia48 - 72h24h
Gabon48 - 72h24h
Mauritius48 - 72h24h
Kenya48 - 72h24h
Liberia48 - 72h24h
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya48 - 72h24h
Madagascar48 - 72h24h
Mali48 - 72h24h
Niger48 - 72h24h
Nigeria48 - 72h24h
Reunion Island48 - 72h24h
Senegal48 - 72h24h
Tanzania48 - 72h24h
Chad48 - 72h24h
Togo48 - 72h24h
Tunisia48 - 72h24h
Zambia48 - 72h24h
Zimbabwe48 - 72h24h
Ivory Coast48 - 72h24h
Morocco48 - 72h24h

Afghanistan48 - 72h24h
Saudi Arabia48 - 72h24h
Armenia48 - 72h24h
Azerbaijan48 - 72h24h
Bahrain48 - 72h24h
Bangladesh48 - 72h24h
Bhutan48 - 72h24h
Brunei Darussalam48 - 72h24h
Cambodia48 - 72h24h
China48 - 72h24h
South Korea48 - 72h24h
Dem. People's Rep. Of Korea48 - 72h24h
United Arab Emirates48 - 72h24h
Georgia48 - 72h24h
Hong Kong48 - 72h24h
India48 - 72h24h
Indonesia48 - 72h24h
Iran48 - 72h24h
Iraq48 - 72h24h
Japan48 - 72h24h
Jordan48 - 72h24h
Kazakhstan48 - 72h24h
Kyrgyzstan48 - 72h24h
Kuwait48 - 72h24h
Laos48 - 72h24h
Lebanon48 - 72h24h
Mongolia48 - 72h24h
Nepal48 - 72h24h
Oman48 - 72h24h
Uzbekistan48 - 72h24h
Philippines48 - 72h24h
Qatar48 - 72h24h
Singapore48 - 72h24h
Sri Lanka48 - 72h24h
Tajikistan48 - 72h24h
Taiwan48 - 72h24h
Israel48 - 72h24h
Pakistan48 - 72h24h
Malaysia48 - 72h24h
Thailand48 - 72h24h
Turkmenistan48 - 72h24h
Vietnam48 - 72h24h

North America
Mexico48 - 72h24h
United States4 - 5 days2 days
Canada48 - 72h24h

Central America
Cuba48 - 72h24h
Guatemala48 - 72h24h
Jamaica48 - 72h24h
Martinique48 - 72h24h
Porto Rico48 - 72h24h
Dominican Republic48 - 72h24h
Saint-Martin48 - 72h24h
Saint Pierre and Miquelon48 - 72h24h
Costa Rica48 - 72h24h
Guadeloupe48 - 72h24h

¹ Delivery times are expressed in working days. We do our best to meet these deadlines as much as possible. However during periods of high demand (such as the end of year holidays) or in case of force majeure (sudden or extrems weather conditions or high parcel flow) these deadlines can sometimes be lying down. Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep these temporary changes to a minimum. In these cases, we cannot be held responsible for the late delivery of a parcel. These deadlines are given as an indication.

² We no longer deliver directly to the following countries: Russia and Turkey.