A06B-6096-H105 - Servo Amplifier Module - FANUC Expand

A06B-6096-H105 - Servo Amplifier Module - FANUC



This FANUC servo amplifier series 6096 and reference A06B-6096-H105 is an AC type drive. SVM1-80 series.
Input : 283-325V, 4,75kW. - Nominal output 230V ~ 18,7A

This A06B-6096-H105 drive is at your disposal to replace your defective hardware and has a warranty adapted to your needs.

Module reconditioned and tested under full load (duration test) on FANUC bench.

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The alpha series SERVO AMPLIFIER MODULE with FSSB is used with the new optical interface FSSB.
The specifications of this SVM is same that of the current SVM except for the interface.
The interchangeable current SVM and SVM for FSSB have ident ica I model names in the drawing numbers. The middle nibbles of the drawing number, however, are different : 6079 for the current SVM and 6096 for SVM with FSSB.

Connect the optical

- Connect the optical cable from COP10A on CNC to COP10B on the first AMP.

- The optical cables from COPlOA of the previous AMP is connected to COP10B of the next AMP.

- Please put the attached cap on COP10A of the last AMP to protect the optical connector form dust.

- Up to 8 axes are available. (The number of the axes is not the number of the AMPs.

Applicable CNC

FANUC Series 30i/300is/300i, FANUC Series 31i/310is/310i A5, FANUC Series 31i/310is/310i, FANUC Series 31i/310is/310i, FANUC Series 32i/320is/320i.

Number of controlled axes

- Series 30i/300is/300i : 32 maximum

- Series 31i/310is/310i A5 : 20 maximum

- Series 31i/310is/310i : 20 maximum

- Series 32i/320is/320i : 9 maximum

Number of spindle controlled axes

- Series 30i/300is/300i : 8 maximum

- Series 31i/310is/310i A5 : 6 maximum

- Series 31i/310is/310i : 6 maximum

- Series 32i/320is/320i : 2 maximum


- α series servo amplifier, α series spindle amplifier, α series power supply module, αi series servo amplifier, βi series servo amplifier, αi series spindle amplifier, αi series spindle amplifier


- α series servo motor

- α series spindle motor

- β series servo motor

- αi series servo motor

- αi series spindle motor

- αis series servo motor

- βis series servo motor

- Lis series linear motor


- I/O unit (I/O Link)


- Dual check safety software option


The detectors below can be used.

Feed axis detector

-Pulsecoder αA1000, αA64,

- αA16000i, αA1000i, αI1000i, αA64i

- βA64B, βA32B

- βI64B, βI32B

- Separate type detector (A quard B)

Spindle detector

- M sensor, MZ sensor, BZ sensor, Mi sensor, MZi sensor, MZi sensor, BZi sensor, CZi sensor.

High Resolution Serial output circuit

Height 38 cm / 14,9 in
Width 6 cm / 2,3 in
Length 30,7 cm / 12,09 in
Weight 7,5 kg / 16,5 lbs
Power 4,75 kW
Reference A06B-6096-H105

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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A06B-6096-H105 - Servo Amplifier Module - FANUC

A06B-6096-H105 - Servo Amplifier Module - FANUC

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