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6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 - Power supply - SIEMENS



This reference SIEMENS (36/47 kw) power supply 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 is for sale in exchange or standard.

Power supply 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 reconditioned and tested under full load (time test) on Siemens 611D bench.

This power supply is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has an operating guarantee adapted to your needs.

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standard exchange refurbished

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Reconditioned and tested systems
6 to 12 months warranty

new systems

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New systems
12 to 24 months warranty

supply refurbished

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Reconditioned and tested systems
6 to 12 months warranty

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The entire drive unit is connected to the supply network via the power supply modules. The power supply / recovery module (A / R module) and the non-stabilized supply module (AN module) allow power to be supplied to the DC intermediate circuit. In addition, the A / R, AN and monitoring modules (MS module) also supply power to the electronics of the connected modules.

In the case of the AN module, the energy of the drives reinjected into the intermediate circuit in motor braking mode is transformed into thermal energy and dissipated in the environment in the braking resistors to be integrated or to be added.
If necessary, one or more pulsed resistance modules
(RP modules) can also be integrated within the configuration limits. This module is used to:

- machines with short braking cycles and short duration, generating a low level of braking energy,

- sets of drive units with low dynamic requirements, particularly for spindle drive.

The A / R modules and HF / HFD switching chokes form the step-up transformer (7 kHz) which regulates the voltage of the intermediate circuit and allows the recovery of energy. This module is used to:
- Machines with high dynamic requirements on drives,
- in the case of frequent braking cycles generating high levels of
Braking systems,
- optimized cabinet concepts to reduce costs.

The monitoring module contains a complete electronics supply for the drive bus and central monitoring functions for a separate drive unit. External power is normally supplied from the 3ph 400 V to 480 V network. For emergency removal in the event of a power failure, the power supply can also be switched parallel to the intermediate circuit.
The monitoring module is required when a number of drive modules in an assembly exceed the power supply capacity of the power supply module electronics (A / R or AN module). The monitoring module also makes it possible to form groups of drive modules on several cabinet columns or assembly rows.

Adaptation of the network supply modules to the existing network conditions is carried out on switches S1.1 and S1.4.
The drive is designed for use in industrial environments with grounded TN-S and TN-C (VDE 0100, Part 300). For the other network topologies, a transformer equipped with separate windings in the secondary coupling yn must be inserted upstream.

Height 20 cm / 7.8 in
Width 29 cm / 11,4 in
Length 48
Weight 14,5 kg / 32 lbs
Reference 6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 - Power supply - SIEMENS

6SN1145-1BA02-0CA1 - Power supply - SIEMENS

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