MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI
MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI

MDS-A-CV-110 - Power Supply Unit - MITSUBISHI


This MITSUBISHI power supply, reference MDS-A-CV-110 is a power supply for the MELDAS 500 series.

MITSUBISHI power supply MDS-A-CV-110 : 270 - 311V, 11kW, converter with built-in IPM.

This MDS-A-CV-110 power supply is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

Power supply tested on MITSUBISHI engine test bench.

In stock, ready to ship.
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System options

Exchange service with a refurbished unit

Standard Exchange Service

Reconditioned and tested systems

From 6 to 12
month warranty

Exchange service with a new unit

Standard Exchange Service

New systems

From 12 to 24
month warranty

Supply of a refurbished unit

Supply Service

Reconditioned and tested systems

From 6 to 12
month warranty

Supply of a new unit

Supply Service

New systems

From 12 to 24
month warranty

For parts only

Supply Service

Sold for parts – no warranty


Repair service

Repair will be made to damaged and defectiv units

From 3 to 18
month warranty

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MDS A/B-CV power supply

The converter section that was conventionnaly built in each servo drive unit and spindle drive unit has been integrated into one unit for common use .

The heat generation has been greatly reduced by using an IPM (Intelligent Power Module).

The 37.0 kW unit has been newly added to the MDS-B series. Always install a contactor when usiong the 37.0 kW unit.

With the MDS-B series, an emergency stop signal input from an external source can be added, and the contactor directly shut off from the power supply.

The MDS-A Series is a drive system that corresponds to the MELDAS M500 Series. NC that has been developed to totally connected the servo drive and spindle drive sections. 
The MDS-B Series is the successor to the MDS-A Series, and has been developed to satisfy European Safety Standards. This Series has the following features.

Compact and lightweight
The converters that were conventionally built in each servo and spindle drive have been integrated into one unit. The drive system volume, installation area and weight have been drastically reduced with the incorporation of high density mounted electronic parts IGBT-IPM (Intelligent Power Module) and the high performance heat radiating fin.

Standardization of dimensions
The outline has been standardized to the book end type, and by unifying the height and depth dimensions, installation in cabinets has been made easy. Furthermore, by matching the shape with the NC unit, an integrated appearance with the NC has been realized.

Low heat generation
By incorporating the IPM and using power supply regeneration in the servo drive, the amount of heat generated has been greatly reduced.

High speed and precision processing
A high speed CPU has been mounted on the control PCB, a1n0d0,a000pulse/rotation sub micron detector has been incorporated as a standard to allow faster and more precise interpolation.
By incorporating the stable position loop control (SHG control) method, having an outstanding response, the positioning time and tracking have been improved and the machine vibration during acceleration/deceleration has been reduced.
The cutting performance and cutting precision during position control have been improved by using the high speed CPU also for the spindle drive.

High speed spindle orientation
Smooth operations and minimum orientation times have been realized by using the high speed orientation method while allows direct orientation from the high speed during the spindle drive.

Features of the MDS-B Series 
(a) European Safety Standards compliant
Approval from a third party approval agency (TUV) has been acquired in respect to the European Safety Standards (LVD Directives).
(Note that the B Series target models are limited to the CV (power regenerative power supply), SP (spindle drive) and V1V2 (1/2-axis servo drive.)

Addition of power supply emergency stop input line
With the B Series, the external contactor can be directly shoufft from the power supply even when the emergency stop hot line from the NC does not function for any reason. 
(This function is validated with the rotary switch and connected drive parameter settings. Thus, the functions doe not change from the conventional functions when used in the same manner as the A Series.)

The MDS-C1 Series is a drive system compatible with the NC system. This high-performance, compact series is compatible with the MDS-B Series (some changes have been made)

High performance
High-performance servo control, equivalent to the high gain amplifier (B-V14/V24) is mounted.

The fin outline has been downsized by incorporating high efficiency fins and a low loss compact IPM, and a thin type drive unit is realized.

Heat generation has been reduced by incorporating a low loss IPM,and the strength of the inner support structure has been increased by integrating the terminal block with the wiring condu. This has improved the reliability compared to the conventional B Series.

This C1 series can be used without problem together with the B series in the same machine. The installation dimensions, and servo/spindle parameters are compatible with the B series.

Outline dimensions, installation dimensions, terminal connections 
Compatible with the current BSeries.
* Some changes have been made to the PE terminal position and control terminal position (in some capacities).

Control function (servo)
The system automatically judges whether the standard amplifier (B-VlV2) or high gain amplifier (B-V14/V24) is mounted. The parameters are compatible.

* Note that there are some restrictions to the motor end encoder.

*The system is shipped from the factory with the high-gain specifications.

Control function (spindle)
The control functions and parameters are both compatible.
*This series canbeused without problem together with the B Series in the same machine.

38 cm / 14,9 in
9 cm / 3,5 in
32 cm / 12,5 in
8,5 kg / 18,7 lbs
11 kW

Japanese industrial group of international reputation, present in 34 countries on 5 continents, Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the production and sale of electrical and electronic equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric has been present in France as an autonomous legal entity since 1975 to promote the sale of Mitsubishi Electric Group products adapted to the French market. Their company, a subsidiary of a group known worldwide for the high technology and quality of its products, has since its establishment a significant growth. Over the years, it has introduced several new product lines and now markets around 8 major product families.

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