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This SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC reference power supply ABL8RPS24030 is part of the PHASEO range.

Operates in Phaseo - Compact regulated switching mode. Regulated output of 24 VDC / 3A. Power: 72W

This power supply ABL8RPS24030 is at your disposal in standard supply or exchange to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee.

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The supply of Phaseo switching power supplies is intended to supply the DC voltage required for the control circuits of the PLC and the automation equipment. b Phaseo controlled industrial switching power supplies are available in 3 ranges:

ABL8MEM / ABL7RM (Modular),
ABL8REM / ABL7RP (Optimum) and
ABL8RP / ABL8WP (Universal).

Phaseo switching power supplies are fully electronic and their output voltage is regulated. The use of electronics significantly improves the performance of the power supply. They offer:
- compactness,
- integrated protection against overloads, short circuits, overvoltages and undervoltages,
- wide input voltage range for the ABL8RP / ABL8WP (Universal) range, - output voltage stability,
- yield,
- and LED diagnostics on the front panel or relay contact remote diagnosis for the ABL8RP / ABL8WP (Universal) range.

Phaseo power supplies deliver a stabilized output voltage c with an accuracy of 3%, regardless of the load from a network, in the ranges of:
- 100 to 240 V connected between phase and neutral (N-L1) or between two phases (L1-L2) for the ABL8MEM / ABL7RM (Modular) and ABL8REM / ABL7RP (Optimum) ranges
- 85 to 550 V connected between phase and neutral (N-L1) or between two phases (L1-L2) for the ABL8RP / ABL8WP range (Universal);
- 360 to 550 V connected between three phases (L1-L2-L3) for the ABL8RP / ABL8WP (Universal) range.

- They comply with IEC standards and are UL, CSA, TÜV and C-Tick certified for industrial use. The integration of overload and short-circuit protections makes downstream protections unnecessary if selectivity is not required. To obtain selectivity, it is recommended to use selective electronic downstream protection modules.

Phaseo power supplies include:
- A potentiometer for adjusting the output voltage to possibly compensate for online voltage drops in extended installations.
- Direct mounting on 35 mm (1.37 in.) Profle 5, optional on ABL1REM / 1RPM range and 75 mm (2.95 in.) Profleys 5 on the ABL8REM / ABL7RP range (Optimum).

Height 14 cm / 5,5 in
Width 12,5 cm / 4,9 in
Length 4,5 cm / 1,7 in
Weight 0,7 kg / 1,5 lb
Reference ABL8RPS24030

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC is a French industrial group with international dimension, which manufactures and offers electricity management products, automation and solutions adapted to these trades.

Having consolidated its financial base thanks to the arrival of new shareholders and the simplification of its structures, Schneider began its redeployment at the end of the 1980s. Having joined Merin Gerin in the group (1986), the general management embarked on a acquisition strategy, marked by the integration of important companies that will become the core of the current group:

Télémécanique (1988)

Square D (1991)

Merlin Gerin (1992)

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