6ES5955-3LC13 - Power supply - SIEMENS Expand

6ES5955-3LC13 - Power supply - SIEMENS



SIEMENS Power Supply Reference Module 6ES5955-3LC13 designed for S5-135/155 racks.

This power module 6ES5955-3LC13 accepts a 115 / 230VAC 18A mixed power supply, and is at your disposal in standard supply or exchange to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

Fully reconditioned equipment with new fans. Tested under load.

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6 to 12 months warranty

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The S5-135U/155U CC consists of a housing with backplane bus to accept the individual modules, and a power supply unit with fans to power and cool the modules. Shown in the following figure are the most important parts of a central controller.

The housing consists of bolted sheet-steel sections with ventilation openings at the top and bottom. The housing contains the bus PCB for electrical and logical interconnection of the modules. All the slots have guiderails which accept the modules. Male and female connectors are thus precisely positioned. There is a locking bar at the top of the housing to prevent the modules from becoming accidentally detached. Modules with individual locking are secured in the lower sectional rail. There is a cable duct for incoming and outgoing cables at the front of the housing.
The power supply unit with the fans is situated in the lower part of the central controller frame. Depending on the type of power supply, the input voltage is either 24 V DC or 230/120 V AC. The AC version can be adjusted to the required AC voltage with a selector switch.

The modular packaging technique allows variable configuration of a CC with modules and its adaptation to the particular automation task.
The various modules carry out the following tasks:
The CPU processes the input signals of the PLC according to the user program, and emits the results as output signals. The following CPUs can be used in the S5-135U/155U PLC
– CPU 948
– CPU 928B
– CPU 928
– CPU 922

- Coordinators
By using a coordinator, you can configure the S5-135U/155U as a multiprocessor controller with up to four task-oriented CPUs in different combinations. Each CPU processes its program independently of the others.

- I/O modules
The I/O modules provide the link to the process.

- IP module
The intelligent I/O modules (signal pre-processing modules) off-load the CPU by independently executing compute-intensive tasks such as controlling, counting and positioning.

- Interface modules (IMs)
If your CC has insufficient slots to insert all the modules required for your automation task, you can increase the number of modules with expansion units. The IM modules provide the link between central controller and expansion units.

- CP module
CP modules allow point-to-point communication for data interchange between two PLCs, between one PLC and an external unit, between one PLC and a SINEC bus system or between one PLC and the COROS operator control and process monitoring system. You can use additional CP modules, such as the CP 581, CP 516, for the acquisition, storage, administration and preprocessing of large volumes of data.

- VP module
VP modules enable the local acquisition and displaying (visualization) of process data of a PLC of the SIMATIC S5.

Height 11 cm / 4,3 in
Width 31 cm / 12,2 in
Length 45 cm / 17,7 in
Weight 3,5 kg / 7,7 lbs
Reference 6ES5955-3LC13

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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