TSXP57203M - Processor Module - TELEMECANIQUE Expand

TSXP57203M - Processor Module - TELEMECANIQUE



This module of TELEMECANIQUE and reference process TSXP57203M belongs to the Modicon Premium range.

PL7 processor module - 1024 digital I/O, 80 analog I/O and 24 channels

This Telemecanique TSXP57203M module is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

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The processors of the TSX P57 pp3M / 3AM and TSX P57 pp23M / 23AM Premium automation platforms manage an entire PLC station made up of “All or Nothing” I / O modules, Preventa safety modules, modules analog I / O and business modules that can be distributed over one or more racks connected to the X bus or can be distributed over the field bus.

TSX P57 processors
The proposed processors are segmented by different capacities in terms of memory, “In rack” inputs / outputs, communications as well as their processing speeds. Depending on model :
- From 4 to 16 racks.
- From 512 to 2040 “All or Nothing” inputs / outputs.
- From 24 to 256 analog inputs / outputs.
- From 8 to 64 professional routes. Each business module (counting, movement control, serial link or weighing) counts for 1 or more business channels.
- From 1 to 4 networks (Ethernet Modbus / TCP, Fipway, Ethway, Modbus Plus), from 2 to 8 AS-Interface sensor / actuator buses, from 1 to 2 field buses (CANopen, INTERBUS, Profi DP bus), 0 or 1 Fipio field bus, serial links (Modbus, Uni-Telway).
- From 10 to 20 regulation channels.

Integrated communication
Depending on the model, the Premium processors integrate:
- A 10 or 100 Mbit / s Modbus / TCP Ethernet port (RJ45 connection).
- A 1 Mbit / s Fipio bus link (bus manager).
- Communication via 2 terminal sockets (TER and AUX) under Uni-Telway protocol or character mode (typically a 19 or 115 Kbit / s programming terminal and an operator dialogue terminal).

Each processor has a PCMCIA type III card slot for receiving a network card (Fipway, Modbus Plus), bus (CANopen (1), Fipio Agent) or serial links (Modbus, Uni-Telway, Character mode).

Application design and implementation
PL7 Junior / Pro software licenses version V4.5 are available, as required, in different versions:
- Single-user,
- Multi-user independent local workstations (Junior / Pro), remotely from a server via network (Pro OpenTeam for 3 to 10 workstations or Pro OpenSite for> 10 workstations).

These licenses are compatible with PC terminals equipped with the Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP operating system.

Configurations with legacy processors
The TSX P57 353LAM processor can be used to replace old generation single format TSX P57 pp0M / pp1M / pp2M processors or Atrium T PCX 57 203M / 353M PLC-slots. The replacement of these processors or slot-PLCs requires reconfiguring the PLC with the TSX P57 353LAM, but without imposing any modification to the application program. PL7 Pro software update may be required (TLX RCD PL7P P45M).

Premium processor migration
Certain TSX P57 pp3M / 3AM Premium processors compatible with the PL7 software can, without hardware change, migrate so as to become compatible with the Unity Pro software. This PL7 migration to Unity Pro is carried out by the software update of:
- Processor operating system.
- Integrated Ethernet TCP / IP port operating system.

This update is carried out using the OS-Loader tool included in the Unity Pro software (see page 6/13). The migrated PL7 processors are then equivalent to the corresponding Unity processors.

PL7 processors that can migrate to Unity Pro (software migration) are:
- TSX 57 2p: TSX P57 203M / 253M / 2623M respectively becoming TSX P57 204M / 254M / 2634M.
- TSX 57 3p: TSX P57 303M / 353M / 3623AM respectively becoming TSX P7 304M / 354M / 3634M (migration possible with Unity Pro software version u 3.0).

Height 15 cm / 5,9 in
Width 7,7 cm / 2,9 in
Length 15 cm / 5,9 in
Weight 0,5 kg / 1 lb
Reference TSXP57203M

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Since its creation, the Telemecanique brand has been pursuing an innovation policy, which has become one of the world’s first references in automatism management.

The story of Telemécanique is read through that of its inventions, initiated with the launch of the first contactor on bars. A patent filed the same year of its acquisition, in 1924! It will develop contactors D became world reference. The 1980s marked the acquisition of Telemechanics by Schneider Electric (1988).


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