TSXP47455R - Interface Processor - TELEMECANIQUE Expand

TSXP47455R - Interface Processor - TELEMECANIQUE



This TELEMECANIQUE and reference TSXP47455R processor card belongs to the Series 7 range.

Module for TSX47-40 range Fipio / Fipway version 5.8

This Telemecanique TSXP47455R module is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

Refurbished and fully loaded power supply (time test) on TELEMECANIQUE bench.

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Model 40 PLC processor with integrated FIPIO connection.

Type: 47-40, 1024 "in rack" inputs / outputs, equipped with 4 couplers.

No unit link but with FIPIO / FIPWAY link. 48k of internal RAM. Cartridge of 64k.

The TSX AEM analog input modules form part of the TSX Series 7 range of intelligent I/O modules. These modules are pre-programmed to perform complete processing tasks, such as measurement, communication, positioning, etc., in applications using the TSX 47-20(*), TSX 47-30, TSX 67 or TSX 87 programmable controllers.

These modules incorporate a processor and specialized software which enable them to process the required function independently of the PLC processor. The data exchanges between the PLC and an intelligent I/O module are ensured by with the PLC the full I/O bus interface, which comprises:

• A Discrete interface, which is identical to the interface of the discrete I/O modules and is used to exchange bits (control, monitoring or fault bits). These bits are systematically updated on each scan cycle.

• A Register interface, which is used to exchange words during each scan cycle.
These words are used to transmit commands or to monitor the operation of the module. Their addresses depend on the location of the module in the rack.

Example: for a module in rack 2 and located in slot number 3 of this rack:
• IW23,0 is an input register word,
• OW23,5 is an output register word.
• A Message interface, which is used to exchange word tables. These exchanges are initiated by the user program using Text Blocks. The word tables are used to transmit the specific configuration to the module (number of channels used, etc.), and also for the exchange of large amounts of data.

The use of intelligent I/O modules simplifies the user program and reduces the scan time of the PLC, since the specific function of the module is entirely pre-programmed and is processed independently of the PLC processor and the program scan. The user program simply has to command the module and monitor its operation through the bits, words and function blocks mentioned above, which are common to all PL7-2 and PL7-3 programming languages (Ladder, Literal and Grafcet).

Height 21 cm / 8,2 in
Width 24 cm / 9,4 in
Length 4 cm / 1,5 in
Weight 0,8 kg / 1,7 lb
Family SERIE 7
Reference TSXP47455R

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Since its creation, the Telemecanique brand has been pursuing an innovation policy, which has become one of the world’s first references in automatism management.

The story of Telemécanique is read through that of its inventions, initiated with the launch of the first contactor on bars. A patent filed the same year of its acquisition, in 1924! It will develop contactors D became world reference. The 1980s marked the acquisition of Telemechanics by Schneider Electric (1988).


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