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This reference frequency converter VLT5003PT5B20STR3DOF00A00C0 and brand DANFOSS is a dimmer for three-phase AC motors. VLT5000 Series.

7.5kW drive, Input: 3x380-500V, 50 / 60Hz 15.2A / Output: 3x0-Uin 0-1000Hz 16A, 12.2kVA.

This DANFOSS converter is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

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A frequency converter rectifies AC voltage from mains into DC voltage, after which this DC voltage is con- verted into a AC current with a variable amplitude and frequency.
The motor is thus supplied with variable voltage and frequency, which enables infinitely variable speed control of three-phased, standard AC motors.

VLT 5000 Series features an inverter control system called VVCplus, which is a further development of the Voltage Vector Control (VVC) known i.e. from Danfoss VLT 3000 Series.

VVCplus controls an induction motor by energizing it with a variable frequency and a voltage that matches it. If the motor load is changed, the magnetisation of the motor changes too, and so does its speed. Consequently, the motor current is measured con- tinuously and the actual voltage requirement and slip of the motor are calculated from a motor model. Mo- tor frequency and voltage are adjusted to ensure that the motor operating point remains optimum under varying conditions.

The development of the VVCplus principle is the result of a wish to maintain robust, sensorless regulation that is tolerant to different motor characteristics without motor derating being required.

First and foremost, the current measurement and the motor model have been improved. The current is split into magnetising and torque-generating parts and provides for much better and quicker estimation of the actual motor loads. It is now possible to compensate for rapid load changes. Full torque as well as extremely accurate speed control can now be obtained even at low speeds or even at standstill.

In a "special motor mode", permanent magnet synchronous motors and/or parallel motors can be used.

Good torque control properties, smooth transitions to and from current limit operation and robust pull-out torque protection are ensured.
After automatic motor adaptation, VVCplus will help to ensure extremely accurate motor control.
Advantages of the VVCplus control system:
- Accurate speed control, now even at low speed
- Quick response from received signal to full motor
shaft torque
- Good compensation for step loads
- Controlled transition from normal operation to
current limit operation (and vice versa)
- Reliable pull-out torgue protection throughout the speed range, also in the case of field weakening.
- Great tolerance towards varying motor data
- Torque control, comprising control of both the
torque-generating and the magnetising
component of the current
- Full holding torque (closed loop)
As standard, VLT 5000 Series comes with a number of integral components that would normally have to be acquired separately. These integral components (RFI filter, DC coils, screen clamps and serial com- munication port) are space-savers that simplify instal- lation, since VLT 5000 Series fulfills most require- ments without any supplementary components.

Height 26 cm / 10,2 in
Width 13 cm / 5,1 in
Length 40 cm / 15,7 in
Weight 11 kg / 24,2 lbs
Family VLT5000
Reference VLT5011PT5B20STR1DLF00A00C0

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VLT5011PT5B20STR1DLF00A00C0 - Frequency Converter - DANFOSS

VLT5011PT5B20STR1DLF00A00C0 - Frequency Converter - DANFOSS

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