JANCD-XEW01-1 - Control board - YASKAWA Expand

JANCD-XEW01-1 - Control board - YASKAWA



This control board JANCD-XEW01-1 and brand YASKAWA is a control board for XRC robot control unit.

XEW01-01: Analog output x 3 ports + Status signal Input of a welder

This JANCD-XEW01-1 YASKAWA card is at your disposal to replace your defective hardware and has a warranty adapted to your needs.

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  1. All operators, programmers, plant and tooling engineers, maintenance personnel, supervisors, and anyone working near the robot must become familiar with the operation of this equipment. Improper operation can result in personal injury and/or damage to the equipment. Only trained personnel familiar with the operation, manuals, electrical design, and equipment interconnections of this robot should be permitted to program, operate, and maintain the system. All personnel involved with the operation of the equipment must understand potential dangers of operation. 

  • Inspect the robot and work envelope to be sure no potentially hazardous conditions exist. Be sure the area is clean and free of water, oil, debris, etc. 

  • Be sure that all safeguards are in place. Check all safety equipment for proper operation. Repair or replace any non-functioning safety equipment immediately. 

  • Do not enter the robot cell while it is in automatic operation. Be sure that only the person holding the programming pendant enters the workcell. 

  • Check the E-STOP button on the programming pendant for proper operation before programming. The robot must be placed in Emergency Stop (E-STOP) mode whenever it is not in use. 

  • Back up all programs and jobs onto suitable media before program changes are made. To avoid loss of information, programs, or jobs, a backup must always be made before any service procedures are done and before any changes are made to options, accessories, or equipment. 

  • Any modifications to PART 1, System Section, of the robot controller concurrent I/O program can cause severe personal injury or death, as well as damage to the robot! Do not make any modifications to PART 1, System Section. Making any changes without the written permission of Motoman will VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

  • Some operations require standard passwords and some require special passwords. Special passwords are for Motoman use only. YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID if you use these special passwords.

  • The robot controller allows modifications of PART 2, User Section, of the concurrent I/O program and modifications to controller parameters for maximum robot performance. Great care must be taken when making these modifications. All modifications made to the controller will change the way the robot operates and can cause severe personal injury or death, as well as damage the robot and other parts of the system. Double-check all modifications under every mode of robot operation to ensure that you have not created hazards or dangerous situations.

  • Check and test any new or modified program at low speed for at least one full cycle.

  • This equipment has multiple sources of electrical supply. Electrical interconnections are made between the controller and other equipment. Disconnect and lockout/tagout all electrical circuits before making any modifications or connections.

  • Do not perform any maintenance procedures before reading and understanding the proper procedures in the appropriate manual.

  • Use proper replacement parts.

  • Improper connections can damage the robot. All connections must be made within the standard voltage and current ratings of the robot I/O (Inputs and Outputs). 

Height 5 cm / 1,9 in
Width 10 cm / 3,9 in
Length 30 cm / 11,8 in
Weight 0,6 kg / 1,3 lb
Reference JANCD-XEW01-1

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Yaskawa The company was founded in 1915 and its headquarters is located in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The company is the world leading manufacturer of servo motors, converters, axis drives and control systems used in industrial automation, and Motoman robots.


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