6ES5241-1AA11 - Digital Position Decoder Module - SIEMENS Expand

6ES5241-1AA11 - Digital Position Decoder Module - SIEMENS



This SIEMENS reference module 6ES5241-1AA11 is part of the SIMATIC S5 range. S5-135U/155U.


This decoder module 6ES5241-1AA11 is at your disposal in supply to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

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The IP 240 counter, position decoder and positioning mod ule is used for acquiring and preprocessing pulse trains for counting, position decoding, positioning and speed measurement with the IP 252 closed loop control module (with incremental pulse generator).
The combination with IP 252 is only possible in the S5 115U.

The module contains two channels that can be used in dependently of each other in four modes:
- Counting (signals from pulse encoders at frequencies of up to 70 kHz)
- Position decoding (in con junction with incremental position encoders)
- Positioning via cut off points S Speed measurement for the IP 252 closed loop control module (in conjunction with incremental speed encoders)
Besides the inputs for pulse sensing (inputs for 5 V and 24 V available), each channel of the module is provided with:
- 1 enable input (5 V/24 V) for "counting" mode
- 1 reference input (prelimi nary contact, 5 V/24 V) for position decoding and posi tioning.
- 2 outputs (5 V/24 V; 0.5 A) for control of actuators.

The cables to the sensors can be connected
- either with 15 pin sub D connectors (upper sockets, shielded cables).
- screw type connectors (lower sockets, cables up to 1.5 mm2, up to approx. 10 kHz)
The module requires one slot.

The drives used are driven di rect. Up to 254 positions per channel can be stored in the module. The positons lie wit hin three zones, which repre sent the cut off points and the target range.

Synchronization is imple mented via:
- Reference point approach S Software synchronization
- Cyclic synchronization at the positive going edge of the signal

A rotary or linear axis function can be programmed.
The actual value can be offset through relative and additive zero offset.
The positioning tolerance va ries between " 0.002 mm at 0.06 m/min and " 2 mm at
60 m/min.

The following errors are de tected:
- Wire breakage with 5V symmetrical position encoders
- Short circuit in signal cables S Zero mark errors

The necessary program for the CPU is available in the form of standard function blocks.

Height 24,5 cm / 9,6 in
Width 20 cm / 7,8 cm
Length 4 cm / 1,5 in
Weight 0,6 kg / 1,3 lb
Reference 6ES5241-1AA11

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