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This OMRON branded and reference CPU C200HG-CPU43-E is part of the C200HX/C200HG/C200HE series.

C200HG-CPU43-E : UM: 15.2K words / DM: 12k words / 880 I/O with RS232 plug.

This CPU C200HG-CPU43-E is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee adapted to your needs.

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A PC (Programmable Controller) is basically a CPU (Central Processing Unit) containing a program and connected to input and output (I/O) devices. The pro- gram controls the PC so that when an input signal from an input device turns ON, the appropriate response is made. The response normally involves turning ON an output signal to some sort of output device. The input devices could be photo- electric sensors, pushbuttons on control panels, limit switches, or any other de- vice that can produce a signal that can be input into the PC. The output devices could be solenoids, switches activating indicator lamps, relays turning on mo- tors, or any other devices that can be activated by signals output from the PC.
For example, a sensor detecting a passing product turns ON an input to the PC. The PC responds by turning ON an output that activates a pusher that pushes the product onto another conveyor for further processing. Another sensor, posi- tioned higher than the first, turns ON a different input to indicate that the product is too tall. The PC responds by turning on another pusher positioned before the pusher mentioned above to push the too-tall product into a rejection box.
Although this example involves only two inputs and two outputs, it is typical of the type of control operation that PCs can achieve. Actually even this example is much more complex than it may at first appear because of the timing that would be required, i.e., “How does the PC know when to activate each pusher?” Much more complicated operations, however, are also possible. The problem is how to get the desired control signals from available inputs at appropriate times.
To achieve proper control, the C200HX/HG/HE PCs use a form of PC logic called ladder-diagram programming. This manual is written to explain ladder- diagram programming and to prepare the reader to program and operate the PC.

PCs historically originate in relay-based control systems. And although the inte- grated circuits and internal logic of the PC have taken the place of the discrete relays, timers, counters, and other such devices, actual PC operation proceeds as if those discrete devices were still in place. PC control, however, also pro- vides computer capabilities and accuracy to achieve a great deal more flexibility and reliability than is possible with relays.
The symbols and other control concepts used to describe PC operation also come from relay-based control and form the basis of the ladder-diagram pro- gramming method. Most of the terms used to describe these symbols and con- cepts, however, have come in from computer terminology.

- The CPU Unit has a compartment to connect the Memory Cassette to the CPU Unit. - The Memory Cassette works as a RAM together with the built-in RAM of the CPU Unit.
- A peripheral device can be connected to the peripheral port. The CPU Unit has a built-in RS-232C port.
- The CPU Unit has a compartment to connect the Communications Board to the CPU Unit.
- The PC operates according to the DIP switch settings of the CPU Unit. The DIP switch of the CPU Unit for the C200HX/HG/HE has six pins. For the function of each of the pins, refer to the following table. (All six pins are OFF when the PC is shipped.)

Height 10 cm / 3,9 in
Width 7 cm / 2,7 in
Length 13 cm / 5,1 in
Weight 0,4 kg / 0,8 lb
Family C200HX/C200HG/C200HE
Reference C200HG-CPU43-E

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