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ARS-560/5 - Servo Drive - METRONIX


This METRONIX inverter, reference ARS-560/5 is a servo drive that belongs to the ARS range of METRONIX.

Servo drive METRONIX 5A / 11A. 3 kVA - 3x400 VAC.

This ARS-560/5 inverter is at your disposal to replace your defective hardware and has a warranty adapted to your needs.

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The ARS-560 / xx-M (series servo, xx = 20: 20A rated current, xx = 40: 40A rated current, M = modernized version) is a fully digital AC servo controller with technology expansion slot Can be adapted to a variety of different application possibilities. The ARS-560 / xx-K is the successor to the ARS-560 / xxK family. For example, an ARS-560/20-M is much the same size as an ARS-560 / 20K (see chapter 2.2 ).

The ARS-560/20-M and ARS-560/40-M drive controllers differ only slightly from the ARS-560/8, ARS-560/5 and ARS-560 / 2.5 devices: The ARS- 560 / xx-M have already integrated a CAN bus interface as well as a 12 bit ADU. In addition, the PBI Profibus module can be plugged into the new ARS-E. However, the "old" technology modules for the ARS-310/5, ARS-560/5, etc. no longer fit into the ARS-560 / xx-M as their functionality is already in the ARS-560 / xx-M Is integrated.

Because of the much higher output power, the ARS-560 / xx-M differ significantly from the ARS-560/5 in terms of electromechanical design and performance of the ARS-560/5 (as already mentioned, an ARS-560/20-M has approximately the same size ARS-560/20-M, ARS-560/20-M has almost twice the width of an ARS-560/20-M)
All control connections are functionally and largely pin-compatible. Due to the high output capacities, the control electronics and the power section are implemented on separate boards, which are mounted in a modular housing. The outside dimensions also differ from the other ARS devices.

The device has the following features:

• Full integration of all components for the controller and power section,
The encoder evaluation is implemented as a plug-in module
• Technology slot for extensions. As a standard extension is a
CAN fieldbus module available.
• Integrated breaker for continuous power up to 110W / 220W (ARS-
560/20-M / ARS-560/40-M) and peak power ratings up to 12kW / 24kW. For
Large braking energies are special network modules with mains supply in the
• Interchangeable intermittent frequency: Either 5kHz for maximum performance
Or 10kHz for virtually noiseless operation with some limited
peak currents

Height 24 cm / 9,4 in24
Width 21 cm / 8,2 in
Length 7 cm / 2,7 in
Weight 2,9 kg / 6,3 lbs
Reference ARS-560/5

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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ARS-560/5 - Servo Drive - METRONIX

ARS-560/5 - Servo Drive - METRONIX


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