TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1 - Power Sypply - INDRAMAT Expand

TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1 - Power Sypply - INDRAMAT



This INDRAMAT TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1 power supply module is designed for INDRAMAT CNC machine tools.

Power input: 300V DC, average current: 50A, power: 15 kW.

This INDRAMAT TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1 power supply module is at your disposal to replace your defective equipment and has a guarantee of operation adapted to your needs.

Module 100% tested

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Standard power supply unit for connection of up to
approximately 6 servo drives of up to an average
mechanical output of 4.1 kW.

The power supply module generates the DC link circuit voltage from the AC input voltage. From this the servo drive module generates a threephase system that is controlled according to amplitude, frequency and phase. This is applied to the MAC servo motor according to the current rotor position and the desired speed.
The relationship between the controlled three-phase system and the controlled operating states of the servo motor is established according to the following criteria:
The current amplitude of the three-phase system in the stator of the servo motor determines the resulting torque via the field of the permanentmagnet- excited rotor. It results from the system deviation of the speed controller.
The frequency of the three-phase system determines the speed of the servo motor. The rotor’s position and frequency is derived from the signals of the rotor position encoder (BLC signals), depending on the required synchronism between the position of the magnetic field of the rotor and the position of the stator current.

The mains connections specified in the descriptions of the supply modules used – TVM, KDV and TVD – should be checked
– at the voltage control connection, and,
– at the power connection.
The phase coincidence of the mains auxilliary voltage requirements L1-L3 must be rechecked with the power requirements L1-L2-L3 in KDV2 and KDV3.

Height 11 cm / 4,3 in
Width 32 cm / 12,5 in
Length 39 cm / 15,3 in
Weight 15 kg / 33 lbs
Reference TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1

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Indramat Gmbh , which is now part of Bosch Rexroth , was an industrial control company founded in 1958, based in Neuwied (am Rhein), Germany. Its name is a German abbreviation meaning «Gesellschaft zur IND ustrialisierung- RA tionalisierung und Auto MAT isierung».


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