XBTGK2330 - Touchscreen - SCHNEIDER Expand

XBTGK2330 - Touchscreen - SCHNEIDER



This touchscreen with XBTGK2330 keyboard and SCHNEIDER brand is a terminal of the range MAGELIS XBTGK.

LCD TFT backlit, 10.4 ", 65536 colors, touch, 5.7 inches.

This XBTGK2330 SCHNEIDER screen is at your disposal to replace your defective hardware and has a warranty adapted to your needs.

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The following features are specific to the LCD unit and are considered normal:

 Outside the defined viewing angle, some images may be displayed differently or have different brightness. Shadows or crosstalk may also appear on the edges of images.

 The pixels on the LCD monitor may contain black and white dots and the color display may look different.

 When the same image remains on the screen for a long time, a non-volatile image may appear after changing the display. In this case, turn the unit off, wait 10 seconds, then restart the unit.

For XBT GT and XBT GK units, the contrast of the LCD display of the color and monochrome STN models may decrease when the displays are used for several hours at an ambient operating temperature above 40 ° C (104 ° F). When the temperature returns to normal, the contrast of the display will work properly again. The operation of the unit will not be affected even if the contrast of the display is reduced.

Do not store your HMI in an area where the temperature is lower than that recommended in the unit specifications. The liquid in the LCD monitor may freeze and damage the LCD screen. Also, if the temperature in the storage area exceeds the recommended temperature, the liquid on the LCD screen can permanently damage the screen.

The XBT GK and XBT GH units have several functions in addition to the touch screen. The XBT GK units are equipped with an industrial pointer and numeric keypads. They are useful in environments where touch screen applications are unsuitable. For example, operators who handle abrasive or corrosive materials can damage the screens due to residues on their fingers or gloves. Using the pointer and the numeric keypad is another way to interact with units.

The industrial pointer moves a pointer on the screen. When the pointer is positioned on an object, you can press the pointer button to interact with the object. Clicking on an object with the pointer produces the same effect as touching the screen with your finger. The pointer changes shape when it is positioned on an active area or object.

All XBT GK units have 2 pointer buttons. Both have the same function, so you can use one or the other, for example, in the case of left-handed or right-handed operators.

An operator can interact with the unit in four different ways:

- With only industrial pointer equipment

- With only the touch screen

- With the two

- Without either. Interaction with the unit is only possible with the function keys. Specify how to interact with the unit in Vijeo Designer.

In addition to the function keys (static and dynamic), the XBT GK units come with an alphanumeric keypad for easy operator input. The alphanumeric keyboard consists of 2 parts: the cursor keys and the alphanumeric keys.

For numeric values ​​in a data entry field, use the Increment and Decrement keys on the numeric keypad to increase or decrease the value. The setting controls the speed at which the value increases or decreases. The following examples show how to use the setting with the Increment key, and works similarly with the Decrement key.

 Each press of the Increment key increases the value of one to the next least significant digit. For example, after pressing the key, the value changes from 2 to 3, after a second press, it goes from 3 to 4, and so on.

 Press and hold to increase the value automatically. The value increases by one unit as we have just seen.

 Continue holding down the key:
 After ten increases, the value begins to increase by tens. For example, the value 12 changes to 22, then 32, then 42, and so on.

 After ten more increases, the value increases by hundreds. For example, the value

112 passes to 212, 312, 412, and so on.

 After ten more increases, the value increases by thousands. For example, the value 1112

Changes to 2112, 3112, 4112, and so on. This is the highest rate of increase.

 Once the maximum value set for the data input is reached, the key

Increment becomes inactive.

 Release the Increment key to return to an increment of one. Press and hold to restart the setting.

Height 27 cm / 10,6 in
Width 6 cm / 2,3 in
Length 22 cm / 8,6 in
Weight 1,7 kg / 3,7 lbs
Reference XBTGK2330

If Service exchange, thank you describe below the defect found on your defective part.
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